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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 4, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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seeing the results of a recent aud aud audit, some riders are wondering if they're getting what they paid for. instead, the money was set aside. insiders say to be used at management's discretion. >> you're saying, thanks for giving me your money. i'm going to keep it. >> reporter: it was a practice the audit called an inappropriate use of $2.5 million in public funds. where i say whistle-blowers first brought the problem to light. we asked about the irregularities since last september. >> the public should take great comfort that they work here as
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public servants. >> reporter: he first denied any problems. >> there have been no made up expenses here. none, zero. >> reporter: a statement that was later revised by a spokesperson. >> this was human error, that these were mistakes that were made. >> reporter: improved oversight and increased staffing levels returned the $2.5 million. he is now retiring. >> i just decided it was time to pull the trigger. >> reporter: this after taxpayers spent $51,000 on tuition and travel for his masters degree from the university of denver. the district's new policy requires anyone who receives paid tuition to stay there for two years after graduating. we asked interviews with board members. all declined except for one. >> you've got to do your best to
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make sure it's accounted for. >> reporter: it's been a year since the allegations came up. the only person that's been fired from the finance department, the accountant that first brought concerns to management. she was let go for her performance and not because of retaliation. >> the fact they can get away with something like that, it might not seem like a big deal to someone like me, but it's a big deal. >> reporter: there's a federal whistle-blower lawsuit who says she was fired after raising questions about the financial irregularities. the agency says it will defend itself. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. of course, we always expect sunny skies in october, but maybe not the temperatures that are down right sizzling. let's take you outside right now. live look over san francisco. you can see all the fans here
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enjoying the heat and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. blue skies everywhere. some parts of the bay area under a heat advisory right now. where was it hottest today? >> the east bay out towards walnut creek and down towards saratoga. down to 78 degrees. san jose right now, we're still sitting at 88 degrees out by the airport. south of downtown, the numbers are well into the 90s. some of the hotter spots in the north bay. you can see napa cooling now down to about 90 degrees. 98 degrees there in walnut creek. alameda, 82. these temperatures are still
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running in the mid 90s south of downtown. so, we do have that heat advisory after 9:00 tonight for many of the areas you just saw. low clouds to return. they have not shown up so far today. the slower onset will means inland areas will make a run into the low 90s again. when that cooldown is going to finally arrive in a few minutes. they are on the water beat. for the first time ever, santa clara county water inspectors going door to door to see what types of issues are coming up. >> reporter: water flowing on to the sidewalk and down the drain in san jose. this is what they are trying to stop. she's one of five new water waste inspectors.
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when people report water waste to the district, she checks it out. everything from this blinking fire sprinkler device to irrigation runoff. >> a lot of people don't realize they're wasting water. they're thankful. they're making changes. >> reporter: if no one is home, she leaves one of these conservation fliers and a contact phone number. in addition to making house calls, she also visits businesses and made one silicon valley company aware of a broken sprinkler. >> sure enough there was a broken spricnkler. i called the property management group. i left a message. they called me and let me know someone was on their way. when it was fixed, they called me back and let me know it was fixed. >> reporter: so far, they have only managed to save 11%. so the district hired water
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waste inspectors to get people to commit to conservation. neighbors say if an inspector knocked on their door, they would be okay with it. i would hope my neighbors would come and talk to me first about it, but i would be okay with the water cops pointing out what the issue was. >> reporter: fix it ideas, yes. fines, no. they just hope a friendly visit will get more people to view wasting water during a drought as a crime. nbc bay area news. well, the fall election may still be more than a month away, but jerry brown is already winning big time when it comes to money. the governor has collected more than $23 million for the fall election. he's also apparently getting to spend very much of it. the gop has raised a million
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dollars. election day five weeks away, and one of the most talked about races in the country is in our own backyard. they are fighting for the 17th congressional district, which is silicon valley. monday night at 6:30, we'll be airing that debate live. honda speaking his eighth term. for the future of silicon valley, we want to hear from you. we might use your question for the candidates monday night. well, they are pleading for his freedom tonight. the parents of a u.s. aid worker beheaded by isis militants. peter casic was taken hostage last year.
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>> dear son, we hope that you will see this message from me and your father. we are so very proud of you and the work you have done to bring humanitarian aid to the syrian people. >> we know that the syrians are suffering. we also believe violence is not the solution to the problems that trouble us all. >> peter casic converted to islam while in captivity. the video released yesterday appears to show the beheading of british aide worker, alan henning. >> it's a monsterous way to die. lots of people spoke highly of him. unfortunately, his release didn't happen. >> henning was captured about ten months ago.
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he was a british taxi driver who disea decided to go to syria to provide aid. investigators say the attack has revealed possibly breaches on nine other financial companies data. hackers stole information from 76 million households. jpmorgan is not saying any of the other financial institutions attacked. it does appear the attackers were working in russia. and you'll soon have a little bit more help in keeping that personal information private. governor jerry brown signed a law that makes retailers obligated to help you out. the law is inspired by the massive data breach in target stores. this new law prohibits the sale
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of social security numbers and also makes retailers offer consumers protection if there is a breach. >> it is a gateway to personal information about an individual. if someone can buy your social security number, then they often have ready access to who you are, where you live, where you bank, where you shop, what credit cards you have, all your personal identifiable information. >> this new law will take effect january 1st. the hottest real estate market in silicon valley these days is squarely on the peninsula. one trade group finds home prices are up 24% this year compared to last year at the same time. among other silicon valley cities, cupertino a distant second. atherton.
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the market here is truly off the charts. >> it's crazy. >> it really is. coming up, does misery love company? new evidence that people are looking for unhappy updates on facebook and they're also using the internet to save their business. the san francisco company's new strategy. ...we need to break up.
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when it comes to social networking, apparently misery loves company. researchers at ohio state university found people in a bad mood are more likely to search for facebook friends who are doing as bad or worse than they are. researchers say the findings give more context to recent studies who found people who spend more time on facebook tend to be more frustrated, angry, and lonely. paper books are out. electronic ones are in. but a san francisco publisher
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known for its odd books and quirky owner have a new strategy to keep the presses turning. >> welcome. >> reporter: there are many strange treasures in ron turner's art collection. >> i've got stuff on the ceiling. i've got stuff on the walls. >> reporter: side show banners. a skeleton from the 1880s, rare art, and random oddities. >> i want you to bear with me. some people say you are a probably a hoarder. i have no more room. >> reporter: in the way, the eclectic collection mirrors his business, which occupies the rest of this building. >> we did a series from 1981 to 93 called weirdo.
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>> reporter: other publishers wouldn't touch. >> we want to bring really oddball, weird, and necessary books to people. >> fresh point of view. >> reporter: lately, turner has been thinking more about the struggling book industry. >> because the publishing industry has changed so much, we're trying to figure out how we can get it to continue. >> reporter: turningi ining -- is turning to the thing that is killing the business. >> now we're thinking that the best way is to get people to kick in their money first and help support the print run. >> reporter: of the 20,000 bookstores that once carried his books, only 5,000 are left.
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>> things will be digitized and sold for free. >> reporter: in the meantime, turner has started selling off some of his beloved art collection to keep the company going. >> i still have passion for the books. >> reporter: strange, odd objects, unexpected treasures to shake up an ordinary world. nbc bay area news. throwing a party for almost a million people. >> coming up next, the big musical festival in san francisco today and the special tribute to the festival's founder. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. open for business to help some of san francisco's neede it residents. it served up to 3,000 meals for
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people in need. saint anthonys estimates the new efficient dining room will help fill the gap for men, women, and children in the city. ♪ music lovers are filling up golden gate park for hardly strictly bluegrass. the festival's founder died several years ago, but the festival continues because of his generosity. we see how his family is paying a unique tribute to him this weekend. >> reporter: in a san francisco rehearsal studio, a band you've probably never heard of made up of names you probably don't know
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was running through its repetoire. they'll take the stage and get a rousing reception. >> it helps us appreciate how much he loved music. >> reporter: the band is made up of children, grandchildren, and the friends of the billionaire investment banker that helped fit the bill for hardly strictly bluegrass festival. he would often take the stage of hardly strictly with his trusty banjo. this year his family going by the name, go to hellman clan
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will carry on that tribute with music. the festival now in its 14th year draws hundreds of thousands of people to the park for three days of free music. he left behind an endowment to keep it all going. >> he just really loves the music with all his heart and soul. he really wanted to share that. >> reporter: memories of his family can't grow up on the stage. >> it brings us close to our father. >> reporter: there are no illusions this band would have joined big names had it not been for hellman. >> i think it's to make him proud that he introduced thi type of music into the family.
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>> reporter: nbc bay area news. and that band is playing tomorrow at hardly strictly bluegrass if you'd like to see the family. >> very packed out there, even with the heat. it looks so hot. it was. tomorrow a little bit cooler. temperatures close to 80. upper 80s today. the sea breeze starting to make a difference. very likely the hottest stretch the hardly strictly bluegrass festival has seen. san francisco has had an average high of 88 degrees. that's a record for the warmest start to the month of october. climbing up in downtown san francisco to about 91 degrees. from san jose south of downtown, still in the low to mid 90s where that san jose state
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spartan game is underway. a few other spots showing you some of the warmest temperatures we're seeing right now. walnut creek, 98 degrees. livermore, 94. hopefully by this time tomorrow, we'll see those numbers into the 70s. here's the view from the east bay. dry conditions. sun setting there off to the west. here's a time lapse for you. 50s to start and then temperatures actually climbing up close to 80. briefly high clouds coming on in. no sign yet of that strong sea breeze, but the winds are beginning to change direction. that's critically important to breaking this heat. tomorrow night should set the stage for inland cooling. next few days looking at coast and peninsula cooling to wrap up the weekend. late monday night into tuesday,
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this is when the marine layer will start cooling down the south bay. we'll finally see those temperature start to drop. san jose in the mid to upper 90s. santa clara will have temperatures near 90. san francisco should see lower 80s for tomorrow as the sea breeze turns a bit stronger, but still hot. no sign of that ocean air-conditioning for the trivalley. maybe waking up to some patchy low clouds by thursday. san francisco, temperatures starting to cool off towards tuesday and wednesday. we could have some mist for the morning. missing out on the cooldown will be santa rosa and livermore until tuesday and wednesday. middle part of the week, we'll
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see those temperatures starting to drop off, but the end of the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen this time next weekend could see those temperatures back on the rise. high pressure really tells the story of our weather here over the next week or so. thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. ♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan! gas stations. just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway.
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make it progresso or make it yourself. finally the internet sensation grumpy cat has something to smile about this halloween, but we doubt she will smile. >> grumpy cat has her own pumpkin. she seemed less than amused at the unveiling of the pumpkins that were carved by a famed pumpk pumpkin carver. you can download your own stencil sheet. coming up, surviving a shark
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attack off the california coast. and the latest on a san jose investigation on three different fires overnight.
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they told us that someone was sick on the plane, but besides that, they didn't tell anything. >> we are tracking a developing story. an ebola scare in the air. a passenger quarantined right after landing at newark airport. plus, firefighters stretched thin. that's the question. three fires break out in six hours. fire leaders say they are worrying there are not enough crews in case of an emergency. a heat wave in october. taking a live look right now at downtown san jose. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. >> our top story this evening right outside your door. we're tracking the temperatures across the bay area. our network of cameras


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